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MY Mission


Let's not sugar coat things here -- the matching process is hell. But it's even worse when you don't have the resources, information or the time to properly prepare for it. If you're here right now, I know you know what I'm talking about.

My vision for RD2Be Academy is to empower dietetic students to feel pride when they click 'submit' on DICAS, rather than hyperventilating on that judgment day in April. This course seeks to accomplish that by covering:

  • General Application Do's and Don't's 

  • How to Write a Killer Personal Statement 

  • Things You Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW

  • How to Impress in Your Interviews and at Open Houses

  • What to Do with a Not-So-Great GPA

  • How the Matching Process Works (and Secrets to Make it Work in Your Favor)

  • Plus Much More!

Most importantly, my mission with this course is to promote accessibility in the field of dietetics. The process of becoming an RD is arduous, expensive and requires you to either have a massive headstart or work yourself to the bone to check all of the boxes -- neither of which is ideal. This is why I wanted RD2Be Academy to be a comprehensive, but budget-friendly resource not just exclusive to those who can afford to pay for extensive coaching for a chance to get a match.


Finally, I seek to make dietetics a more diverse field, as BIPOC professionals make up less than 20% of all dietitians, despite the fact that minorities are disproportionately afflicted by nutritionally-preventable diseases. 

That's why I developed the idea for the Diversify program, which you can learn more about here.

However, make no mistake, RD2Be Academy is open to students of all ethnicities, gender identities, immigrant statuses and backgrounds. My mission can be summed up simply: Every dietetics student deserves a fair shot at their dream. 





Sports Dietitian and Mentor (she/her)

As a first-generation college student who was paying tuition out of pocket by waiting tables and working as a diet aide every moment that I wasn't in class, calling me disadvantaged is an understatement. 

To make matters worse, I did not find out that a dietetic internship was required to become a registered dietitian until late junior year! 

Imagine my horror. 

What followed was the most stressful period of my life which resulted in me not getting matched to an internship on my first try, despite all of my blood, sweat and literal tears.


I simply was not prepared enough.

Though things ultimately ended up working out for me, I have since dedicated myself to mentoring as many students that will let me. Speaking to DI program directors, collecting what they are looking for and learning as much about the DICAS and match process as I possibly can, so no one has to go through the absolute overwhelm and devastation that I went through.

That's why I created RD2Be Academy. Let's pave your way together. 

Questions? Shoot me an email at

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