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Matched to San Francisco State University

Destini gave the early version of her teachings to me in the form of an eBook and WOW was it a treasure trove of information! By the end of her mentorship, I was fully confident that I was a top candidate and got matched to my #1 choice...the uber competitive SFSU!



Matched to Memphis VA Medical Center

Thank you for all of your invaluable help during this application process! I was skeptical and went with my gut on some decisions, but if I had followed all of your advice I would have matched to my number one choice. Still happy with my number 2!



Matched to Penn State Coordinated Program

I was pretty sure I was all good to go until I met with Destini and went to my first open house, where other students were asking all of the questions I used to ask, but I already had all of the answers. The program directors were so impressed!

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