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Your odds of getting matched to a dietetic internship are only about 50%.


As if that little stat didn't scare you enough, you're stressed out about excelling in the rigorous coursework of the final years of your dietetic program, while at the same time doing everything you can to make your DICAS application pristine and perfect.

What if you could make this process not only less overwhelming, but you could be 100% confident that the application you submit is going to make you stand out from the competition?

RD2Be Academy can make all of this happen for you. 

Student Doing Homework

AFFORDABLE learning.


What if you had access to everything you wanted to know about the dietetic internship application process at the click of a button?

All you had to do was sit down in front of your laptop at any time of day, whenever you felt like it, answering all of your questions and learning everything at your own pace?

This course takes you by the hand to walk you through the most overwhelming portions of the DICAS and D&D Digital processes while sprinkling in some game-changing tips to give you an edge over the competition along the way.

Money tight at the moment? Totally understand. You're students! Therefore, there are monthly payment options available for you to get started the moment you're ready.

Once you get your instant access to the course, you're free to come and go as you please.

Are you an instructor and/or director interested in institution pricing? E-mail to inquire!

RD2Be Academy has set out to cover all of the topics of the application process you have the most burning questions about...and steps of the process we've seen the most mistakes made.


Throughout the course, you'll learn common mistakes to avoid, valuable tips to make your application the strongest it can be, and secrets to gain a major advantage that few people have access to.

Below is the curriculum:

  • Module 1 - What Are Dietetic Internships?

  • Module 2 - What Should You Be Doing Right Now?

  • Module 3 - DICAS Walk Through

  • Module 4 - Your Guide to GPA and Low GPA Tips

  • Module 5 - Resumes: From Bland to Baller

  • Module 6 - How to Pick the Right Internships

  • Module 7 - Open Houses and Director Contact

  • Module 8 - How to Write a Killer Personal Statement

  • Module 9 - Picking the Right References

  • Module 10 - The Ranking Process and D&D Secrets

  • Module 11 - Interview Tips

  • Module 12 - What If You Don't Get Matched?

  • Bonus Module - Resources Galore!

Don't let all of your hard work these past few years go to waste. Join us and learn all that you can to get matched to an internship and be well on your way to living your dream of being a registered dietitian! 

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